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Our  story

We wanted to break the stereotype classroom education based on examination and to go out side the class room and learn through role play and enacting of the real life experience. We want the child to explore and learn, education should never be forced rather a choice. Many research suggests that any individual puts his/her full potential in any thing which is by there choice and not as a compulsion. Lets take an example most of the people do not like there jobs, you wake up in the morning and go for work and on your way you are thinking about the week-end and you wish it was Saturday. But what if your job was your passion, where your every project would be new scope for creating something new. Simply put “DO NOT SETTLE, DO WHAT YOU LIKE, ITS YOUR GIFT” Every individual is gifted and is extremely good at it, we just need to discover it. Clementians focus on developing of child’s individuality and preparing them to make there GIFT, there PROFESSION in future. 

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